Wholesale topical anesthetic numbing cream
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Wholesale topical anesthetic numbing cream

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For quick absorption and the most potent pain relief, use SM topical anesthetic numbing cream.

To enhance the anesthetic effect, kindly adhere to the directions.

1. On the treatment area, spread a generous amount of the cream.
2. To aid in the absorption of lidocaine into the skin, put plastic wrap around the treated region.
3. Remove the plastic wrap after 25 to 35 minutes and wipe the cream with cloth and saline water.

For better results, leave the cream on the skin for longer than the recommended 30 minutes. This time is usually sufficient for laser, microneedling, and skin-booster injection treatments. If you get a tattoo, stay with it longer than 45 minutes.
Once the numbing sensation sets in, remove the plastic wrap.

Shelf life
three years after the date of manufacture. KOREAN MADE.