Vibrating Panties
Vibrating Panties
Vibrating Panties
Vibrating Panties
Vibrating Panties
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Vibrating Panties

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Vibrating Wearable Panty Vibrator 

The ergonomic design combined with silky silicone provides absolute comfort and close-fitting for your wear.
Suggested wearing a slightly tight panties or sitting down while using it to allow the vibrating rounded protrusion to reach the right spot!

► Vibrating volume ≤ 40 dB, the feeling of big “O” is only know to you!
The newly upgraded power system makes the vibration stronger while making the sounds weaker.
10 different vibration modes, wear it go to the restaurant, shopping street or long-distance train, the dream of having a secret orgasm in these public places finally come true!

► 32” Ft remote control vibrator , enjoy the fun of surprise!
Hide the little vibrator in your panties and give the remote control to your partner, OH MY GOSH!! The sudden stimulation makes me wanna scream! Go and explore more exciting adventures with Adorime wearable vibrator!

► 100% waterproof for aquatic pleasure!
Adorime panties vibrator is made of super high quality medical grade silicone, easy to clean, smooth texture gentle cares of your private skin. And it is fully waterproof and antimicrobial which is no restriction for aquatic play.

► Magnetic fast charging---only take 30 minutes!
With the updated magnetic charging, it only takes 30 minutes to get your vibrator fully charged. It can provide a constant and secure source of power for your love game!.