The Red Fat Dissolve
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The Red Fat Dissolve

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The Red fat dissolves and the face contouring

Contains: (5) Vials 10ml


The RED attribute:

The RED serum is the first supplement in history with highly concentrated vitamin B12 for fat breakdown.

It can be applied to excessive body fat, double chins, and facial obesity.

principal components:

Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12) (Vitamin B12)

How RED operates

The fat metabolism might be aided by vitamin B12.

Principal Applications:

1. Fat on the face causes a thick neck and a double chin, or

2. Forearms and underarms: Forearms and underarms are located around the triceps.

3. Brassiere region in the back

4. ribs on both sides of the abdomen, as well as love handles on the side and back of the waist

5. Hip: Thigh-connected region beneath the hips.

6. Internal or external parts of the thighs

Benefits: Open vial can be stored in the fridge for 2 weeks

The effect can be seen in two to three days. The effect line is carved.

The Role of Red:

1. Lipase activity

2. Decomposition and excretion of adipocytes

3. Skin regeneration