Maxy Fill 70cc
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Maxy Fill 70cc

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MAXY BODY GEL 60cc HA Gel for the body is a firmer gel

MAXY BODY GEL with upgraded Hyaluronic Acid cross-linking technology. 

3 Feature that make MAXY BODY GEL unique:

  • High viscosity and cohesiveness 
  • Optimal gel hardness that can be controlled delicately 
  • Easy Forming

Strengths of MAXY BODY GEL:

  • the product acts locally in the application area because of optimal viscosity and cohesiveness
  • high quality and purity of the product is reached by application of the latest biotechnological methods

Composition - Sodium Hyaluronate

Hyaluronic acid is a natural high molecule that is widely present in the human body with excellent moisture retention capacity and plays an important role in maintaining the skin structure.

Excellent moisture retention capacity (1000 times its own weight)
The largest amount in skin cells, including joint fluid, cartilage, eyeballs, etc
Hyaluronic acid inside the skin reduces with age

High molecular hyaluronic acid can be supplemented with food, but it is small in amount and needs to be replenished artificially

A single application of MAXY BODY GEL provides an effect lasting 12-15 months, and with delicate care up to 2 years.

Composition of the preparation: HA 24 mg/ml

MAXY BODY GEL box contents:

1 bottle - 60ml per box

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