Lipo Dissolve Injection Course
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Lipo Dissolve Injection Course

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You must now read through all of the theories, watch the videos and instructions, complete your end exam, and submit your case study. – Please send your case studies to With the client's original photo, your full name, and the course you completed.

There are no case studies required for students attending your practical at Fanty Training Institute. Please keep in mind that there are no refunds on courses, and all students are responsible for finding insurance for the course they have enrolled in.

Total class Price $2500

 $500 nonrefundable deposit

$2000 due day of class cash only

Includes Fat Dissolve Starter Kit

Each student will have their own model

Fanty Training Institute  is not liable if you are unable to obtain insurance. We enjoy training anyone who is enthusiastic about the beauty industry.

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