Laser Lipo Belt
Laser Lipo Belt
Laser Lipo Belt

Laser Lipo Belt

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The effect of light
red light
The maximum absorption in red light area is mitochondria, which can increase catalase activity after red light irradiation.Thiswill increase the cell's metabolism, increase glycogen content, increased protein synthesis and increase atp decomposition, so itcan promote the synthesis of cell, can promote the healing of wounds and ulcers, promoting hair growth, promote healing offracture, accelerate the damaged nerve regeneration, but also increase the phagocytosis of white blood cells, so use it can treatmany diseases in clinic.

It is effective to some acute, subacute and chronic inflammation.Because it can increase the phagocytosis of white blood cells,also improve the immune function of the body at the same time, so that the defense function of the body increased.In addition, in the early and middle stage of inflammation, the content of 5-hydroxytryptamine in local tissues increases, which can make the body produce pain, and the content of 5-hydroxytryptamine can be reduced after red light.

infrared ray
The basis of infrared treatment is the thermothermal effect.Under infrared irradiation, tissue temperature rises, capillaries dilate, blood flow speeds up, material metabolism enhances, tissue cell vitality and regeneration ability improves, which can promote blood circulation, consume fat and relieve fatigue.

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