Innotox 50 Unit
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Innotox 50 Unit

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Innotox 50U Type Complex

Innotox is the first of its kind in the world that comes in a liquid form, so it does not need diluting. Its gained praise and popularity due to the ease of use and long lasting results.


50 Units (1 vial)


Ready to use liquid

Main advantages:

Completely ready for use, no need to mix with saline water.

Not temperature sensitive.

The result of the procedure lasts up to 8 months.

Shelf life is 18 months from manufacture date

This product is single-use only. Once opened product must be used within a couple days.

Product purpose:

Innotox 50U is intended for eliminating wrinkles caused by spasticity of muscles or active mimics. It removes lines and folds in the areas of eyes, between the eyebrows, forehead, around the mouth.

How to use/store:

Recommended to store in the fridge if not in immediate use.

Once open needs to be used within few days, product will lose activation day by day

Products can be Infused into the skin with Hydra Pen or HydraStamp or HyrdaRoller (manual stamps/rollers) by cosmetologist, aesthetician or beautician.

**This product is intended for use with Hydra pen, Hydra stamp, Hydra roller, Derma Pen Micro/Nano Needling**

Composition and Product Description:

The product is manufactured by Medytox Inc. in the form of a solution in vials, one in a package.

This product cannot be returned.

No ICE PACK will be shipped since this product is not temperature sensitive. However, during summer months if found that temperature are extremely high ice pack maybe used in some occasions.

* Please note that our products are meant to be administered by trained technician. We are not responsible for any negative inflictions that may arise after administering products by yourself. We will not compensate for products that have been wasted or misused.