Fanty Gurlz Snatch Box 1
Fanty Gurlz Snatch Box 1
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Fanty Gurlz Snatch Box 1

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Is it our Fanty Gurlz  Signature Snatch Box contains 5 of our Number 1 selling products  guaranteed to snatch that waist in no time

1) waist band 4cm( This band is very comfortable will not dig into your skin and you can wear it for hours to ensure that it’s  doing its job snatching that waste

2) osmotic waist wrap 60 meters- Are osmotic waste rap is coffee infused and it helps to tie in the skin. And when you combine with other products you will get the maximum results.

3 Ultimate Slimming Gel- our ultimate slimming gel is one of our number one sellers this gel works perfectly for any unwanted cellulite it actually helps to slim and smooth the skin

Slimming body wrap can be used together with sweat cream, wearing it for several hours per day with proper trainning, you would get a a perfect figure in just a few weeks.  The film can also be applied to arms, tummy, back or legs.

4 Mean  Body Burner- promotes healthy weight-loss, boost metabolism, helps to block carb absorption. No caffeine and no gittery feeling

5 Mean Body Cleanse- regulates bowel movement and gut health, cleanses detoxifies and eliminates toxins, boost mood , focus, energy and metabolism, alleviates constipation and bloating, increases thermogenesis.. Not harsh at all 

Results in little as 15 days

* Free waist bead to track lost inches  


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