Handheld Slimming Machine

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Get snatched in the comfort of your own home with our Bougie Body Kit

  • CV FUNCTION - Powerful waves to break up stubborn fatty tissue and liquifies fat through your lymphatic system. You will expel the fat through sweat, feces, & urine — noticeably melting away inches of fat witch consistent use. Used mostly on your stomach, but can be used to decrease flab in arms and legs. 
  • R-F FUNCTION - 500,000 times/s high frequency vibration that gives your skin a warm massage, (note:  machine will not get hot) Helps tighten, firm and lift sagging skin.
  • RED LIGHT FUNCTION - Red light with 625nm wavelength can promote cells' metabolism and blood circulation, creating a lymphatic detox to lose LBS. This function also promote the skins release of collagen, which can smooth skin & reduce wrinkles