EMS Body Shaping Machine  2 Handles
EMS Body Shaping Machine  2 Handles
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EMS Body Shaping Machine 2 Handles

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Professional high intensity targeted EMS can help you shape your body the way you want it to without any downtime or discomfort. delivering minimally invasive body sculpting that reduces fat and increases muscle.


How it works:

High-energy concentrated electromagnetic waves (tight magnetic waves) are used in high-intensity focused electromagnetic muscle stimulators to safely and non-invasively enter the 7 cm of subcutaneous muscle tissue and act on muscle motor neurons at various frequencies to accommodate different age groups.
Using a new design and EMS, the treatment's impact can be doubled.
similar to how the brain transmits motion information to neurons, which causes action potentials to continuously cause extremely strong muscular contractions.

High-level severe training activates virtually all of the muscle fibers, but regular exercise only activates 20–30% of them.
allows for the deep remodeling and growth of muscles, as well as the production of new muscle fibers and collagen chains, which thickens myofibrils and increases the energy demands of muscle cells.

This also causes a significant amount of fat to be broken down in the body, as well as the release of more epinephrine, which helps to further promote the quick breakdown of fat cells.

Indications for use:

Everyone can use it because it simultaneously builds muscle and burns fat, has EMS available, feels like an intense workout, is safe, and has no downtime. Instant outcomes, however improvement often occurs after two to four weeks for fat reduction

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