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Aqualyx Fat Dissolver

Introducing Aqualyx: the revolutionary fat dissolving injectable that can remove localised pockets of fat from your body, in a matter of weeks. Thanks to its innovative formulation, Aqualyx can target areas such as hips, thighs, back, stomach, chin and the breast area- helping you to regain the slim, toned figure you so desire.

As a leading product within the beauty industry, Aqualyx has been widely tested and approved by experts; with its powerful aqueous compound solution designed to break down the fatty structure beneath the skin's surface. This compound effectively works to eliminate stubborn fat pockets, with the remains then naturally excreted by your body as waste.

Aqualyx is incredibly reliable when it comes to results - allowing individuals to enjoy slimmer silhouettes in just a few short weeks! By investing in this 8ml vial of Aqualyx Fat Dissolver today, customers can benefit from Aqualyx' years of fantastic reviews, it's no surprise that beauty professionals across the country are investing in Aqualyx for their businesses and clients during this time.

Say goodbye to stubborn fat deposits and enjoy enhanced confidence with Aqualyx Fat Dissolver's revolutionary formula - perfect for all beauticians out there!

The pack consists of:

  • 8 ml x 1 vial
  • 8 ml x 10 vials


Aqualyx should be injected directly into the adipose tissue with Intralipotherapy needles. Please read the injection protocol before use.

How long does the result last for?

As long as patient’s retain a healthy lifestyle results can last for a long time.