15 Day Challenge Detox Challenge

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15 Day Detox Challenge

1. You Must purchase our detox kit which includes
A) 1 slimming osmotic wrap
B ) 1 Slimming Hot Gel
C ) 1 15 Day Detox Cleanse
D ) 1 15 Day Slimming Detox Tea
2 free waist beads to track progress
$49.99 plus $8.00 shipping

2. You Must make a post once you receive your detox kit that way we know who is apart of the challenge

3. You must upload a video or picture of your progress for day 5, day 10 and day 15
( This will let us know who is loosing the weight)

4. Winner will be announced January 20th live

* Since they challenge starts Jan. 3 we need to ship the kits as soon as possible..

Let’s Get It Ladies
What will the winner win???
The winner will receive $250 gift card for fanty fitness wholesale products

So spend $58 for a chance to win $250 In products