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*Wholesale Cold Gel

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Our Cold Slimming Gel breaks down stubborn cellulite, promotes the draining of extra fluid, and detoxifies the body, restoring it to its normal metabolic balance. It also stimulates microcirculation for radiant skin health.

By improving the skin's availability of oxygen and nutrients, it improves the condition of the skin overall.
The skin gets tighter with repeated applications of Cryo-Slim Gel. Some specialists even recommend cryotherapy as a skin-firming and anti-cellulite treatment.

The skin becomes tighter with repeated treatments. Cryotherapy has even been recommended by some specialists as a cellulite-reducing and skin-firming procedure. For anyone who are trying to lose weight and tighten their skin, this is a fantastic product. Many people who claim to have droopy skin due to aging, weight reduction, or after liposuction or lipodissolve, which swiftly eliminates fat and restores skin to its previous state, also utilize it.
This cool gel aids in improving the suppleness of the skin and giving it a firm, toned appearance. Ideal for people who have significantly lost weight. The body polishing and gentle massaging are advised.

Apply the gel to the area of your body that needs improvement, then massage the gel into action. Wrap the area in plastic and let it sit for at least 45 minutes.

BENEFITS: "Skin-Firming," "Anti-Inflammatory," "Cellulitis Fighting," "Detoxing," "Slimming," "Moisturize Skin," "Stimulate Metabolism," "Drain and Rebuild Tissue," and "Activate Circulation." Body Shaping Loss of Fat & Inches