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Steam also known as yoni steaming or vagina steam, is an ancient and traditional self-care practice that has been used by women for centuries to heal and tone the vagina.

 ✔BENEFITS TO PORTABLE VAGINAL SPA Helps keep the vagina healthy and gets rid of bad vaginal odor. Detoxifies the uterine environment to prepare the body for easy conception.  Enhances circulation and promotes healing of reproductive organs after delivery. Helps relieve stress and increases vaginal moisture for those suffering from vaginal dryness. It’s also effective in reducing period problems, such as irregular menstruation,feminine odor,dysmenorrhea and menstrual cramps.

Notes: Recommended max weight: safely supports up to 250lbs. Specifications: Rated voltage: 110V Rated power: 300w Rated power: 50-60Hz Maximum capacity: 150ml Weight: 2.7kg Color: pink Product size: 11.8inch*13.8 inch(width*height) Continuous working time: 45 minutes Recommended max weight: 300lbs (safely supports up to 250lbs)

Features & details

  • SAFETY AND PERFORMANCE: It runs on 110V US (without the need for an adaptor). Circuit and electric automatically close to keep you safe with the built-in fuse.We will give you an extra fuse.
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL:Steam Seat is made from ABS material, it lasts much longer with the build-in Stainless steel basin! And the thickened foam seat cushion is not easily deformed.
  • Steam for 45 minutes per session and relax while enjoying enhanced feminine wellness. It’s a best choice for yourself, best friends and mom as a healthy gift to energetically, emotionally and physically improve their feminine health
  • FOR FEMININE WELLNESS: Cleanse and revitalize your reproductive system for reduced menstrual cramps, healthier flow, detoxification, improved fertility, and to heal after birth.