Platinum Beard Grooming Kits
Platinum Beard Grooming Kits

Platinum Beard Grooming Kits

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Perfect Beard Grooming Care Kit For Beard Men
POP MODERN.C Professional Beard Grooming kit, it comes with all products for beard care in a gift box. It's including:

All of this for one great price:
100ML beard wash shampoo
100ML beard conditioner
60ML beard growth oil
60G beard balm
bristles beard brush
stainless steel scissors
wood beard comb
With the natural ingredients to help you easy shape beard.

Natural And Organic Plant Ingredient
This beard care set is formulated with natural plant extracts to effectively nourish your beard.
Grape Seed oil
Rosemary Leaf oil
Mineral oil
Ginger Root oil


includes 5 kits