"Fanty Fitness" Post- Surgical Compression Faja

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  •  This full body shaper will firmly shape and give you the compression you need after lipo, tummy tuck or any plastic surgery procedure.  Top to bottom slimming in this full body girdle, This comfortable bra less girdle gives you a slim and smooth silhouette for anytime you wan to look your best or after post surgical procedure. Plus is adds a plus it enhances your buttocks with a silk comfortable built in butt enhancer. Cold firming Lycra material inside with high compression power net long leg girdle helps smooth your figure while adding everyday comfort, Slimming your thighs and helping compress bulges and help your legs look leaner. This body shaping compression garment has a zipper down the middle for easy adjusting with hooks on the inside with open crotch area for easy bathroom use. This is the second stage girdle you will need after any surgery it covers all areas and gives you maximum compression.
Full-body slimming enhances your silhouette
  • Appearance of firmer, smoother midsection
  • Smooths and slim your legs
  • Adds volume and shape to your booty