*Wholesale* Ampoule 0.5ml (100)Pack
*Wholesale* Ampoule 0.5ml (100)Pack

*Wholesale* Ampoule 0.5ml (100)Pack

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0.5ml Ampoule (20) Pack

Disposable Ampoules (needle-free) for use with Hyaluron Pen 0.5ml. Transfer the product to the disposable ampoule, connect it to the Hyaluron Pen, and infuse it into the skin.

Mostly used for Fat Dissolve and Mesotherapy Treatment

One-time use, disposal after one use, not to be used for more than one person


Product Name: Hyaluron Infusion Pen Accessories

Model: B26400

Material: Plastic

Capacity: 0.5ml

Used with Hyaluron Infusion Pen