Natural Breast Plumping and Shaping Cream
Natural Breast Plumping and Shaping Cream
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Natural Breast Plumping and Shaping Cream

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Some women desire a firmer chest. Our Breast Cream offers very effective breast volumizing cream to help them achieve this. It is primarily composed of fenugreek, Akpi, vitamin A, and other all-natural ingredients.
Product benefits - It firms your breasts in just a few weeks. It keeps your breast cells from aging and increases the size of your breasts.
- Regulatory function: this cream regulates prolactin secretion, improves breast health, and makes it supple and smooth. It is not harmful to the skin


Improves breast shape (more voluminous)
Supports, strengthens and enlarges breasts
Allows to have more beautiful breasts
Fills the mammary glands and fatty breasts

Pat dry breasts by massage the inside out 5-10 times
Etale cream on the breasts and in the same way as before 5-10 times

To get good results, apply at least 2 times / day for 3 months duration


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